Youth Vision

Christland's High School groups are called Revolution and are a place where students can have a positive experience applying biblical principles to their lives. We want our students to be authentic followers of Jesus through their own personal commitments to Him and their outward commitment to sharing His truth with others at their schools and throughout the community. We believe in doing this together through friendship, being genuine and transparent with each other, and having fun. Our groups are designed so that students have lots of opportunities to bring their friends both on Sundays and during mid-week parties and events. During groups there are games and relevant Bible discussion with the goal of helping students connect biblical principles to their everyday lives.

Jackson MacLachlan
High School Leader

Revolution is led by one of our pastors on staff, Jackson MacLachlan. Jackson leads this group from 6:30-8:30 pm on Wednesdays. The group meets to hang out, play games, talk about the Bible and pray. If you are a parent of a high school  or a student wanting more info on the group, you can email Jackson at [email protected].